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PBS Investigates: Is California Government Ripping Off Ambulance Workers?

Special Investigation: The State of California MediCal insurance reimbursement rate for private ambulance companies is some of the lowest in the U.S. How is this possible when California has a massive economy coupled with the fact that President Biden upon taking office immediately bailed out Blue States with COVID relief totaling billions of dollars. California should now have some extra cash in the coffers to possibly reimburse private ambulance companies and their EMTs with some more money. Well not according to thousands of private ambulance workers who claim State of California bureaucracy is ripping them off. These EMTs say an employee at Target and Starbucks or even MacDonalds can earn more money than they do. EMTs claim the reimbursement rate is a joke given the fact they save people and put their own lives on the line everyday versus workers who they say flip burgers or sell cafe lattes for a living.

Reporter David Nazar with Sustaining US on PBS investigates.

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