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Assemblymember Rodriguez and Coalition of First Responder Advocates Sound Alarm on Funding Gap

Medi-Cal rates – unchanged in decades – threaten to undermine California’s emergency response workforce

California Senate Subcommittee Hears Request for Increased Medi-Cal Rate for First Responders

A statewide coalition for increased Medi-Cal rates for ambulance first responders made its case before the California Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee on Health and Human Services on Tuesday.

EMS World: California EMS Advocates Sound Alarm on Medi-Cal Gap

Assembly member Freddie Rodriguez and a coalition of diverse first response and labor advocates held a press conference calling on the state of California to increase Medi-Cal rates for ambulance transports for the first time since 1999.

San Francisco Chronicle: California pays less than almost every state for ambulances to carry Medi-Cal patients

By: Nanette Asimov

California has more Medi-Cal patients than any other state, but it pays less than almost all of them for ambulances to carry the low-income, disabled or older adults to where they need to go.

Spectrum News: Why the state might see less emergency medical services workers

By Zarina Khairzada

For the last decade, Caitlynn Humphrey has been working long hours, missing holidays and birthdays, to respond to emergency calls.

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